day 34, overwhelming.


Prince left this world 288 days ago and the Queens Kleptocrat has been “in charge” for two weeks.

Guess which one has felt longer and is more overwhelming to experience?

At least Prince has left his fans the music we know and already love – and the possibility of hearing previously unreleased music.

The last 14 days have seemed like someone is continually hitting fast forward while I am trying to watch a complicated movie, in a language I don’t understand, and there are no subtitles to try to follow along.

Yes it’s been that overwhelming.

I’m trying not to share every single thought on Facebook or Twitter – but even I have my limits and seeing other people link false news or condescending this is why I didn’t march think pieces started to grate my already frayed nerves.

Then came that disgraceful moment at the CIA Memorial Wall with a built in audience that gave the appearance that CIA personnel were laughing and applauding in a space that is reserved for sacred moments. That touched a nerve.  I was still thinking about it days later and feeling my blood boil. It pushed me to say some of the things I was thinking without giving a crap about what would people think.  If they weren’t outraged or at the least bit offended and felt some type of way that I was sharing that I was, they could kindly unfriend me.  I managed to make it through the election season without unfriending people for their politics (trust me I know who the secret supporters  are in my life) but the lack of couth and respect from this “executive”, I cannot tolerate.

I feel like this country is looking to the rest of the world, like that one uncle who always morphs into a happy drunk at family gatherings, until he is set off by something random and becomes mean and creates the scene that ultimately gets him uninvited from the next few family gatherings.

I think everyone it a bit tired of it all and yet, if you have something you believe in strongly, now is definitely not the time to rest on the idea someone else will do something about it.


Fight these overwhelming feelings by doing something that comfortably shares your voice out there and what you stand for.  Once you reach that point, be ready to really jump in and let that overwhelming feeling fuel you to go beyond the point of comfort.

It’s what I am doing over here.


(Today’s daily writing prompt: overwhelming)


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