day 16, gratitude.

I am going to have a weekly post to reflect on things (big and small) that I am grateful for.

Here is my list this week:

Having a (mostly) healthy household again.  My husband thought he had some kind of food poisoning last week.  Whatever it was – my poor baby was next.  Try keeping a toddler calm while she is unwillingly vomiting and having diarrhea of the worst kind all over the place is impossible.  (The laundromat made some serious money off of us this week.) Your whole life flashes before your eyes and all you can think is why her? why not me instead? until it happens to you. (A good example of be careful of what you wish for.)  I spent a day and a half feeling like I was having the world’s worst hangover without drinking.  After I got over that hurdle, I spent the following days feeling like my body was a phone with the last 5% of power with no charger available.  It was really bad.  Today was the first day I ate real food – vanilla yogurt, plain toasted bagel, chicken noodle soup – and while it wasn’t exciting stuff, I am glad it stayed down.  I am even happier we are all back to mostly normal. (My son, the newly minted teenager, was smart and hid in his room to avoid getting the plague. Although he’s fighting a cold but he is way better off than we were.)

Getting a raise.  I wasn’t expecting one but it is appreciated.  This small increase will go directly into savings so I can save a little bit without feeling like I am taking away from my debt crushing goal.

Sticking to the budget.  I set the goal of tackling my credit debt this year which is feasible as long as I get a full-time job before summer ends.* One of my strategies to getting there is not charging anything brand new that can be paid for in cash… and if I can’t pay cash for it, I have to really evaluate if it is necessary.  I am using cash to pay for things I got comfortable putting on my cards (e.g., lunches on days I am at work, subway rides, personal care items, etc.) to break this bad habit of mindless spending I developed and to stay within the amounts I budgeted for each thing.  I am also logging in my cash spending on an app so I can see where else I can cut corners.  Baby steps but I am focused!

*If I don’t get a full-time job before this year is over, I am aiming for at least 65% of the debt being gone which is still pretty significant and requires discipline considering I am only working part-time.

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