day 11, cling.


Tomorrow my son turns 13 years old.


We will have a teenager in the house.

…and it’s complicated because these years are hard enough as it is but with social media I feel there’s a whole other level of madness during these years.

I still think back to being pregnant with him and patiently awaiting his arrival. He was eight days late but managed to arrive the day before the scheduled induction. He introduced himself by letting us know he is on his own timeline.

One of my favorite memories of that day was once everyone left, I held him tightly and took a picture of us using a disposable camera.  To this day, I hold on to the moment because it was the one where I told him about what our life would be like together. I promised to always love him, take care of him, not judge him and always do my best to understand even when I don’t relate or agree.

It’s a good thing that I hold on to this moment because tomorrow will really be the beginning of having to honor that moment and those values.  12 has not been smooth sailing for many reasons but at the core of things, he is still a good kid, which keeps me going because we are doing something right even when there’s a lot of frustration.  These will be the years of him wanting more Independence, us giving him independence and finding the appropriate balance for everything.

My only hope is that he always clings to my love for him, especially when things get tough, as much as I cling to how much I love him.


(Today’s daily writing prompt: cling)


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