day 6, five.

One of my favorite blogging “traditions” is the Friday Five.  It is a group of five questions that usually have a theme. I found this week’s questions on LiveJournal.

  1. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I have in the past and nothing has really come of them so now I make a list of goals which are a bit more measurable and keeps me motivated.  I also keep my list in a little notebook I carry with me so I can jot down idea or progress I make towards them.
  2. Are you expecting any big life changes this year? (new job, buying a house, etc.) Besides graduating from college, I will hopefully find a new full-time job before the year is over.  While I will miss the flexibility of my part-time schedule, my budget will welcome a full-time paycheck again.
  3. What are you most looking forward to this year? Graduation
  4. What are you least looking forward to this year? Job hunting – it is such a stressful process. I used to feel like people would ignore my resume despite my experience because I didn’t have a college degree now I will have one on there and will have to flush out what other things need improvement.  I also hate dealing with recruiters because I know the majority of them are cold calling to keep their numbers up. *ugh* Thankfully I won’t be job hunting from a place of desperation but still the process of pick me, pick me for the job stresses me out.
  5. Is there anything you want to try this year that you haven’t tried before? (Could be a new food, new hobby, or anything.) I want to focus on writing a series of short stories.  It’s one of those things I always say I want to do but now with graduation happening in a few months, I will have time to dedicate to this.  This break between semesters has shown me just how bored I am without school work – so a writing project will keep me busy.

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