day 2, gratitude.

I am going to have a weekly post to reflect on things (big and small) that I am grateful for.

Here is my list this week:

  • Starting off the year by having dinner at my parents house.  While I didn’t ring in the year with them (I’m scared of being on the road on New Year’s Eve), spending the first day of the new year with them was nice.  Plus eating my mom’s home cooking is always a treat.
  • Enjoying a stretch of five days off… without being pressed about school assignments that I need to get done.
  • Having all my grades come in and feeling proud of my semester GPA (3.9).
  • Restarting this blog – I originally tried to get another name but someone signed up for it in 2008 and hasn’t used it beyond the hello post.  I tried my old domain name on a whim and here it is!
  • This is Us will be back next week.  I love this show – it gives me all the feels that TV usually doesn’t do.
  • The Mariah Carey memes… that performance *cringe*  but don’t front, everyone has one MC jam they love (or used to love). That Butterfly album got a lot of play from me in the late 90s.

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